Meet your winner and finalists

Congrats to Kim Plank on winning the Product Portfolio Pioneer Award!
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Kim Plank
Acumatica’s customer marketing and advocacy program collaborates with customers eager to share their stories through a variety of marketing channels, providing business value, market esteem, awareness, and sales enablement to both Acumatica and its customers.
Paula Fiszman
The Fortinet LATAM customer marketing program was created to capture customer reference stories for the Latin American region—adding value for marketing and commercial teams.
Elizabeth Cain
Epicor Software Corporation
With help from an internal cross-functional team with representation from nearly every department, and a customer advisory board, Elizabeth pioneered a new product that connected their customers’ entire software ecosystem from a centralized location.
Alisa Snyder
The Planview customer marketing group is a customer advocacy program that employs a thoughtful and “human” approach to the recruitment of new advocates, as well as the creation and fulfillment of requests for our advocates’ time.
Colleen Reidy
The Veracode insiders program came into existence following the creation of a customer engagement program as well as a customer community. It’s responsible for the successful pipeline of customers willing to speak on their behalf.