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Bringing Customer
Marketing & Advocacy
into the Spotlight

The importance of having a high-performing CMA program is too often overlooked.

Leading customer-centric CMA programs is a multi-step process requiring multiple layers of approval and buy-in—from senior executive’s initiatives to internal support’s execution—each step must position customers as the heroes.

Strategic growth initiatives go beyond case studies, reference calls, and testimonials. Those activities are table stakes. To really make an impact, Customer Marketers need to run customer-centric programs that:

  • Land and expand
  • Retain and renew
  • Retain and renew
  • Penetrate a new market
  • Launch a new product
  • Knock out specific competitors

The CustomerX Impact Awards recognizes CMA leaders who have revolutionized their customer-centric programs and have seen measurable success.


Chris Adlard


The C-change Diagnostic

Chris is living proof that Customer Marketing & Advocacy is a career path to a senior executive role. He is a multi award-winning CX, Customer Success and Marketing Leader. A pioneer in Customer-Led Growth, he helps others on their journey to customer-centric cultures with his C-change Growth Engine and diagnostic tool, based on the principles of his book The Customer Catalyst.

Gordana Stok

Beyond the Case Study

Founder and Story Guide

Gordana is the ultimate customer storyteller. Her passion is helping B2B firms transform their tired old case studies into powerful customer stories that provide REAL value to their customers, buyers and company. Her methodology is based on insights from interviewing more than 1,000 business and IT executives about how they make their technology investments. She knows what's important to B2B buyers, and what information they need to make a more informed and confident buying decision.

Leslie Paterson

BMC Software

Vice President, Customer Advocacy

With over 20 years of focus on the advocacy space in the software industry, Leslie is an innovative Customer Advocacy and Customer Engagement executive with proven experience building impactful and effective Advocacy-focused teams and programs. Leslie leads the Customer Advocacy program at BMC Software where she and her team are focused on efficiency and effectiveness in the development and amplification of the customer voice, with a clear focus and articulation of the impact of those voices and endorsements to the business.

Kalina Bryant


Founder, Podcaster, and Head of Marketing

Kalina is an accomplished marketing executive recognized for her outstanding contributions to the tech field. She is the founder of UnapologeTECH, focused on empowering people through education, technology, and community, making the world more equitable through best-in-class knowledge exchange, and ensuring everyone has access to the best resources available.

The nomination period for the 2023 CustomerX Impact Awards ran May 17 – Aug. 4. Category finalists were revealed on September 18 and winners were announced live at CustomerX Con 2023 on October 17, 2023 in Boston, Mass.