Meet your winner and finalists

Congrats to David Coates on winning the 2022 Acquisition Ace Award!
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David Coates
The F300 win program identified innovative ways to bring customer stories to the forefront through assets and promotion at high-touch events, accelerating pipeline and closing more deals.
Ashley Kirkpatrick
Druva set out to create a powerful base of customer champions. They focused on mobilizing their customer advocates and their success and as a result, strengthened Druva’s SaaS data protection category leadership.
Lance Osborne
Lance and team built momentum with software-support review platforms, earned “status” for two out of three review sites, and increased their number of reviews by 300% in around eight months—and revenue went up ~30%.
Rashmi Datta
The project I am piloting is aimed at helping Workday Peakon Employee Voice to identify the effectiveness of first party intent data from peer review sites when used in tandem with intent signals from Bombora and Demandbase in determining overall buying intent for the product.
Sarah Koval
The Algolia advocacy program was created as a scalable, always-on program that can create a pipeline of customer advocates primed for reference and marketing activities and reward them for their participation.