Meet your winner and finalists

Congrats to Kathleen Orazio and the Trimble team on winning the Market Trailblazer Award!
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Kathleen Orazio
Trimble Viewpoint
The Network is a customer advocacy program run by Kathleen Orazio and Kati Viscaino of Trimble Viewpoint designed to build trust with customers and create advocates by providing value at every stage of the customer journey.
Meredith Bailey
The IBM process mining peer review program was successful due a highly customized approach in sourcing peer reviews through product pages and custom questionnaires on all the major review sites.
Michael Beahm
Michael Beahm and Mindy Youngs led the Procore customer advocacy programs to an increase in expansion and a reduction in churn among referenceable accounts. This success led to a growth in strategic initiatives globally.
Kaycee McAdams
Kaycee McAdams and Laney Alspaugh run Bandwidth’s customer advocacy program to understand their customers’ motivations and expectations, move them through unrivaled customer experience across teams, and in-turn create loyal customer advocates.
Van Zee
The Champions loyalty community builds company and product preference, nurturing valued customers through a collaborative community of exclusive, personalized content plus unique feedback and learning opportunities to drive customers and companies forward on a shared journey.