Meet your winner and finalists

Congrats to Christina Garnett on winning the Innovation Driver Award!
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Christina Garnett
Develop strategy and lead advocacy efforts for HubSpot's HubFans program.
Courtney Wendel-Stevenson
The customer reviews program was created because our business realized we needed to do more to serve customers on review platforms–this included being present, responding to reviews, and providing value.
Mauro Perez-Gaona
The customer health Index cross-referenced multiple data points from different sources to interpret customer signals that helped us understand which customers were ready for advocacy activities.
Luis Gonzalez
The Alteryx Innovator and Visionary programs were designed with our customers in mind. They were always designed to be a 2-way street, more value, access and insight for our customers, and customer-driven proof points for Alteryx.
Chelsey Axline
My mission is to put our customer’s success and voice at the heart of everything we do. The positive side effect is advocacy, content, product feedback, etc to support internal teams and help drive GRR.